Terms and Conditions

1. Data Protection and Confidentiality – Please see the Privacy Policy


2. User rules


To enter challenges and activities all participants are required to:


Register as a participant of Zing Somerset via the www.zingsomerset.co.uk


Agree to the terms and conditions as outlined below


Regularly log any physical activities undertaken in minutes on your personal page.


Ensure that they only participate in activities that are appropriate to their level of fitness.  Participants are required to seek medical advice if they are unsure as to whether they should take part in any activities.


Registration and verification: This means that the participant pledges to take part in sport or physical activity initiatives throughout the programme and regularly log that sport or physical activity.


3 Activity rules


By registering as a participant of Zing Somerset, participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations and health and safety requirements of each individual sport/event which they participate in and by the rules and regulations and health and safety requirements of each relevant sport governing body.


4. Disputes, queries, complaints


Disputes, Queries, Complaints should be addressed to the organiser (see below). In any dispute, query or complaint related to the challenge or any competitive part of it, the decision of the organiser or person delegated by the organiser is final.


5. Deleting accounts


The organiser reserves the right to delete accounts at any time if considered to be being abused in any way (for example cheating) or if the account has been inactive for a considerable period.


6. Partners


Partiners who wish to become involved with Zing Somerset by providing services, events, classes or taster sessions must first get the approval of the organiser (contact details below).


Criteria for approval are:


Service or Event must promote sport or physical activity in Somerset


The Partner must comply with the requirements of Equal Opportunities legislation, The Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and of any other Acts, Regulations or Orders about Health & Safety and will carry out risk assessments prior to delivering any activity and will furnish Zing Somerset if requested.


The Approved Partner shall maintain with insurers the following minimum insurance arrangements: Employers liability; £10,000,000 in respect of any one claim Public liability: £5,000,000 in respect of any one claim


Where appropriate to the service, The Approved Partner will hold a policy for Professional Indemnity Insurance and will produce the necessary insurance certificate(s) for inspection at the request of the Zing Somerset organiser.


Staff providing event/service must be fully qualified to do so and registered with relevant professional bodies


Approved partners must display the Zing Somerset logo on publicity materials for services/events which must be sent to the organiser for prior approval before the event. In return the organisers will acknowledge the organisation as an Approved Partner and publicise the events/services on the www.zingsomerset.co.uk website and other communications